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humanely and sustainably raised

Our partnership with Niman Ranch provides access to the lamb that fits the meticulous expectations of our chefs. This relationship connects the finest restaurants in Texas with the best farms across the nation.

niman ranch

Niman Ranch natural lamb is sustainably and humanely raised by family ranchers in California and Utah, with 100% traceable to parent stock. All Niman Ranch lamb are raised on pasture and then fed a high quality grain and roughage diet or graze on alfalfa for finishing.

The young age of the lamb, coupled with their low stress environment and high quality, 100% vegetarian diet, ensure that all Niman Ranch lamb has a mellow flavor that’s never gamy.

Other Lamb Options

Lamb flavor and muscle size are dependent on breed and growing conditions. That is why we also source Certified American Lamb, Australian lamb and New Zealand lamb.

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